YMJ015: Praying together as a Christian couple

Sep 17, 2023You and Me and Jesus Podcast

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Carey and Mindi Green explore the profound significance of prayer within the sanctity of marriage. Speaking from their experiences as a Christian couple of 35+ years, they delve into the tangible and innate power that consistent prayer as a couple brings to a marriage. This episode is a gentle reminder to married couples to seek God’s wisdom through shared prayer. They share how prayer fosters unity and strengthens communication between couples because it is a significant unifying component that allows the husband and wife to reveal their fears, insecurities, and anxieties before God. They encourage couples to approach their spouses with a vulnerable and honest heart during prayer sessions, allowing each one to gain insight into the other’s inner thoughts and emotions.

The power of prayer together

In a strong plea to Christian spouses, Carey and Mindi underline the imperativeness of being faithful in prayer and anticipate the joy of witnessing the fruits of their joint prayers before God. Heartened by their personal experiences, they emphasize the ripple effects of praying together, with a hopeful note about its impact on their children’s spiritual growth. Carey recounts a tender moment when Mindi confronted him on his lapse in their prayer schedule, a confrontation that served as a catalyst for him to reclaim his responsibility to lead their prayers.

Christian couples who pray together bring the power of God Himself to bear on their relationship. What better resource can you think of?

Husbands, this one is on you

Husbands, it’s your responsibility as the spiritual leader in the home to actively lead your wife in times of prayer.

Practical beneifts of couples praying together

Whether it’s about the children’s upbringing or financial planning, Carey and Mindi suggest that seeking God’s guidance together is a powerful way to become and to remain unified in life.  They learned this from doing it the wrong way early on. Carey tells how their prayer routine was a learning experience that required patience, encouragement, and humility. They share personal anecdotes and practical tips, which can be adopted by couples struggling to initiate a consistent prayer routine.


Dear Father, thank You so much for Your great work in us and thank You that we can turn back and give You all the praise and the glory. I thank You for commanding us to pray to You without ceasing and, to depend on You wholly. I ask that You will encourage and spur on the husbands and wives who are listening to start habits of prayer together. Even if they don’t have the, the other areas of their life altogether, even if they don’t have a regular quiet time themselves. I ask, Lord, that You will help them to get this habit going in their marriage where they are praying together, and that You will from that grow an attitude of humility and dependence on You so that they will grow in the other areas that they’re wanting to. We just ask, Father, that You will keep the enemy away, and that Your Holy Spirit will Strongly working the marriages that are listening to us and that You will be glorified through.