The Kingdom of God (the rule and reign of Jesus Christ) is a concept many of us know something about, but we have to admit that it’s not an idea we’ve researched diligently and understand as it pertains to every aspect of life.

The average Christian will readily say, “Yes, Jesus is King, I believe that.” But what does that really MEAN for the way you live?

We lack a sense of connection, a sense of mental cohesion regarding WHAT God is doing in the history of the world – and how WE are to be involved in it. That’s why I LOVED this conversation with Michael Craven.

Michael is the Vice President of Equipping and Mobilization at the Colson Center for Christian World View and he HAS done the hard work of studying what it means that Jesus came to establish His Kingdom here on planet earth. Listen, to learn more about the subject and to discover an amazing opportunity YOU have to better equip yourself  (sponsored link) to live in these troubled times with confidence and effectiveness for the sake of Jesus and His Kingdom.



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