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What IS Digging Deeper?

It’s exactly what it sounds like… a podcast that goes deeper into scripture, deeper into life application, and deeper (hopefully) into the heart and mind of God. Every episode is either an extended teaching from a book of the Bible, sermon he’s been able to preach, or front-burner issue he’s being faced with in his own life. Each one is published with the hopes of helping you better align your mind with the truth of God’s word.¬†

Sample Episodes 

How to Digitally Love Your Neighbor (Front-burner)

by Carey Green | Digging Deeper

The "Cares Basket" VS the "Faith Basket"

by Carey Green | Digging Deeper

Stuff we think we know that we don't really know (Bible teaching)

by Carey Green | Digging Deeper

Living out the miracle - Sermon Audio from Ephesians

by Carey Green | Digging Deeper

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