This episode, we want to remind you of a fundamental attitude that Christian parents MUST have. It’s the attitude of DEPENDENCE on Jesus… and the habit of going to Him FIRST for the help you need.

This episode, we want to emphasize the importance of having a fundamental attitude that Christian parents need to embrace: that of DEPENDENCE on Jesus. It is so important to establish the habit of going to Him FIRST for the help that is needed, not to rely on our own strength and abilities alone, OR to rush to other resources before consulting Him.


We know that our own wisdom and capabilities are limited – and that worldly sources of wisdom can easily lead us astray and pull us AWAY from dependence on Jesus – and that’s why we need to trust in Jesus, the source of all wisdom and power. As Christian parents, it is essential to remember that Jesus is the only one we can truly depend on and we must make sure to go to Him first for the help we need.




PRAY SIMILAR TO THIS, DAILY: Jesus, You are living in me. Live through me and lead me as a Mom, as a Dad. I know You are there with me, no matter what I’m facing – whether it’s a difficult day as a Mom or Dad, or a difficult situation in my life, I know You are right there with me. I can feel Your peace and love, and I ask You to use me as an instrument of Your will, so that I can lead my family in Your ways.

Give me SPECIFIC insight into the situations MY child is facing.

Thank You for being with me, Lord, and for the great gift of Your presence. Amen.

Give me SPECIFIC and detailed insight into the situations MY child is facing, so that I can be better informed and equipped to help them succeed. I want to understand not only the challenges, but also the opportunities that could be available to them.

That’s an example of the kind of dependent prayers you should be praying regularly.




Make the most of your daily time with Jesus when it comes to your parenting. Spend quality time in prayer, reading the Bible, and seeking wisdom from the Lord on the best way to raise your children. Set aside time each day to focus on your relationship with Jesus and ask for guidance on how to lead and care for your kids.

Pay close attention while reading the scriptures; Jesus may reveal to you specific truths that your children need in order to grow and thrive in their current stage of development and life. He may show you how to help them gain a better understanding of their journey and how to apply the scriptures to their own lives. It is important to take the time to consider the implications of what you read, as this can help your children learn valuable lessons about how to live their lives in a way that is beneficial and meaningful.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your daily time should be solely centered around yourself; your own needs INCLUDE the ability to instruct your children wisely and according to scripture. You must be mindful to use your wisdom to parent your children with Godly principles and values, which you will glean from the scriptures as you read them daily.

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026: (HEART CHECK) Depend on Jesus to parent through you


What would it be like if Jesus Christ could parent your children? Have you ever given that much thought? You probably haven’t. But really it is the opportunity that every one of us as a Christ follower has this episode of God fearing kids in the parents who, who raised them, is a heart check episode. We want to remind you of something vitally important to your parenting.


Hello again, friends. Carey and I are so happy to be with you again.


Yep, we sure are.


We wanted to do a heart check today, and what we wanted to ask you as parents is how are you doing in your focus with your parenting? We want to just kind of give you this reminder, where is your dependence? Is your dependence on your own strength? Is it in outside resources or is your dependence on the Lord giving you wisdom and living through you to train your child as he should be trained?


It’s something you said right at the end is very key for us to be reminded of Jesus parenting through us Parents. Do you think of it that way? It it’s a reality. We have the most powerful resource, asset wisdom that we need in Jesus himself who lives within us. Second Corinthians 13, five says, examine yourselves to see whether you’re in the faith test yourselves, or do you not realize this about yourself, that Jesus Christ is in you. I mean, Paul was kind of shocked that the Corinthians were forgetting. Jesus himself lives in them. And so there’s this authenticity of divine wisdom that comes to us as believers when we remember and we, we depend on Jesus being in us.


The underlying mindset that we as parents need to have is complete dependence on the Lord helping us, the Holy Spirit, giving us wisdom, guiding us, counseling us in how to love our children. Well,


Yeah, he definitely does that through his Holy Spirit who lives in us. He also is going to do that through his word, second Timothy three 16 and 17. I know we’ve read on a previous episode, but just to remind you, it says, all scripture is breathed out by God. So think about that. When you speak, you’re breathing out. That’s the imagery it’s giving us here. So scripture is that it is God breathing out his words, and it says, it’s profitable for teaching. Well done. Our kids need teaching for rep proof and correction. Don’t they need reproof and correction and for training in righteousness? Isn’t that what we’re trying to do as parents? It’s to train our kids in righteousness. It’s all there so that the man, the woman, the child of God, may be complete and equipped for every good work. So don’t neglect scripture as well as you’re seeking to parent your kids.


There are outside resources from other godly wise teachers that are very helpful, very good. But if you are not seeking the Lord to give you wisdom and insight and discernment of how to raise your children, first and foremost, it’s very possible that you will be finding resources that aren’t biblically based. So you want to be on your guard with that. But daily, are you waking up mom and dad, getting ready for your day, dependent on the Lord, one for your life, but dependent on the Lord to guide you in how to best love your children. That’s where we’re wanting to encourage you. We don’t want you to gain any counsel or encouragement from us without depending on the Lord to apply it, because it’s only going to become frustrating and maybe even seem impossible to you. But it’s the Lord who gives us wisdom. It’s the Holy Spirit who guides us and counsels us, and it’s the Holy Spirit who empowers us. So we want to encourage you with just this little reminder, who are you depending on? What are you depending on to train your children as they should be trained?


Absolutely. And in that you can be encouraged because you have the greatest guide and king and resource and living spirit of God in you to help you raise your children in the way that they should go. And so parents, don’t give up hope. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t get down. You have God on your side. That’s our reminder today. Let me pray for us as we wrap up. Lord, we thank you for being such an ever-present help in our time of need. Thank you for dwelling within us. As you tell us our life that we live now, were to live by faith in the son of God who lives in us, who is, who is living through us. We ask you to do that. Jesus. For all the parents who are listening, empower them. Give them your wisdom. Apply the wisdom that you give them to the situations they are facing with their kids, and show them how to reach the hearts of their children and to guide them in righteousness for your namesake. We ask it in Jesus’ name. Amen.



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